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Adapt Authoring ToolKit
Create elearning your way with Adapt from Can Studios
Adapt Authoring ToolKit
Create elearning your way with Adapt from Can Studios

Whatever you want to do with Adapt elearning – having Can Studios as your technical partner will let you work smarter and faster.

Adapt is our tool of choice for building high-quality elearning because its courses:

  • use mobile-friendly HTML5
  • are SCORM compliant – so they work with most learning management systems
  • offer the best options for accessibility via assistive technology.

We’re such big fans that we became an official collaborator on the Adapt Learning project: we’ve been contributing our skills to developing the open-source authoring tool since 2017.

We also offer a range of Adapt services commercially, helping teams of all types and sizes take their Adapt authoring to the next level.

“It was far more commercially viable for us to use Adapt from Can Studios: it’s let us deliver the project in about half the time that we would have been able to if we’d installed Adapt for ourselves.”

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Instant access Adapt authoring

Our fully-hosted and supported Adapt authoring tool packages let you skip the hassle of installing and maintaining the open source software yourself – and get on with creating mobile-responsive elearning.

See for yourself how easy it is with a free 14-day trial.

Already using Adapt from Can Studios and need help or support?

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Plugin development and updates

One of the big benefits of working in Adapt is that – because it’s open-source – its functionality can be customised.

Code modules can be developed for custom interactions, extensions, menus and so on, and plugged into courses.

If you want to add a new function to your courses, or to update or upgrade an existing plugin, our experienced Adapt developers can help.

Custom theme design

Adapt supports user-defined themes, a special kind of plugin that lets you style your course in a variety of ways. They’re powerful tools for applying a visual style throughout a suite of courses and ensuring brand consistency.

Themes can also be made editable. This allows you to easily re-brand, co-brand or white label your course content across as many courses as you want. So a carefully designed editable theme will save you time and effort for years to come.

Our developers can create a custom theme for you – based on your specific requirements – ready for upload to your authoring tool.

Training and help

Whether you’re looking to get up to speed in Adapt quickly, or take your skills to the next level, we can help with boot camps, custom tutorials and intensive help-on-demand bundles.

Just tell us a little about your team’s set up, goals and what you’d like to be able to do, and we’ll suggest some ways to get you there.

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If you’re looking for some Adapt expertise to help you take your elearning further, we’d love to help.