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Blended learning is often praised as offering the best of both worlds – the flexibility and convenience of online learning, with the face-to-face interaction and increased motivation learners typically get from in-person training.

To help more organisations take advantage of blended learning, Can Studios designed and developed a unique blended learning management system (LMS). ‘Tracking Tool’ LMS is the ideal solution for organisations who want to implement a more engaging, varied and ultimately more effective training programme consisting of lots of different online and offline activities.

You can use Tracking Tool to record everything from practical assessments, to written tests taken at a designated training centre, to face-to-face meetings between a learner and a tutor, to elearning courses and online assessments. This gives you a more complete and accurate picture of the learner’s progress.


When it comes to online learning, Tracking Tool offers all the functionality you’d expect from a sophisticated, enterprise-level LMS, including:

  • Launching and completing elearning courses without ever leaving the system.
  • Completing online quizzes and assessments.
  • Uploading files for feedback and marking, for example Word documents containing written essays.
  • Viewing a calendar of all upcoming learning activities and deadlines.
  • Checking what tasks the learner still needs to complete, in order to achieve their learning goals.
  • Commenting on a wide range of items within Tracking Tool. For example if the learner is unsure about a task they’ve been assigned, they can request clarification by posting a comment directly on that task.

For managers and tutors, we’ve made sure it’s easy to review each learner’s progress. You can either view this information within Tracking Tool itself, or we can customise Tracking Tool so it automatically forwards all data to your LMS of choice.
This innovative blended LMS is already used by thousands of learners spanning different industries, including an international aid organisation and the motorsports industry.