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We believe learning should be fun… in some cases so much fun you forget you are learning.

Games are a great way to encourage kids (and lets be honest, adults too) to practice things they wouldn’t otherwise.

Do you think they would rather be reciting times tables, or mixing potions in a race against time? Give them the choice of “Doing Sums” or solving ancient puzzles in the jungles of South America – which will they choose?

Make learning more entertaining and enjoyable with game-based learning.

There more to writing good games than collecting points and giving the user a limited number of live and we can help you design a new game from concept to completion.

Take a look at the child friendly, HTML5 website we’ve developed called Maths Practice. With a growing collection of games Maths Practice provides a fun and rewarding way for children to practise the maths they are learning at school.

Thinking of using educational games?


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Football Frenzy

Football Frenzy

Content that encourages children to think about British history, as part of Channel 4’s BAFTA award-winning website.

I Can Count

I Can Count

Numeracy app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch containing educational games with a choice of difficulty levels.