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Asset Creation

Need help creating assets?

Visuals and graphics bring elearning to life and help to deliver complex messages and information in a simple way. Learning is easier and learners are engaged through creative storytelling.

Here at Can, we offer a full creative service including motion graphics and illustrations, 3D model scenes and interactive environments (plus much more) all unique for your project.


Video production

Entertain your audience with an inspiring video full of facts and information. Learning made easy and accessible.

From production through to editing, Can Studios will deliver content that learners will find both entertaining and informative.


Image creation and graphic design

From illustrated characters and diagrams, to motivational photography the list really is endless.

Choosing to add a custom graphic to your course content will have a meaningful impact on your learner.


Audio production

Incorporate voice narrative and, or voice-over audio recording into your elearning courses to increase interactivity.

Whatever your requirement we provide clean and professional voices to suit your course content.


3d Modelling and animation

3D learning offers simulation training within an environment and, or situation.

Learners are given the opportunity to learn through practice making it fun.

Let your learners discover and practice in a virtual environment.

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Flood Defence Training

Flood Defence Training

Crucial flood defence asset training, that greatly reduced the logistical overheads of the Environment Agency’s existing, classroom-based training.

Invasion, Plague and Murder

Invasion, Plague and Murder

A series of gruesome animations covering nasty topics for Folens’ ‘History’ CD-ROM series.

Football Frenzy

Football Frenzy

Content that encourages children to think about British history, as part of Channel 4’s BAFTA award-winning website.

The Street

The Street

Ground-breaking 20 hour course that brings the communication curriculum to life via a fully-interactive cartoon street populated by animated characters.