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At last - a learning management system that keeps things simple

Training Post is a streamlined platform that gives you a fuss-free way to deliver elearning – at any scale.

Because it’s built on the latest technology, it’s cost effective whether you manage learning for tens, hundreds or thousands of people.

Tablet, phone and desktop all how Training Post dashboard

Make life easier for you and your learners with…

Progress reporting – see who’s started, completed and passed courses.

Certification – learners can download and print their own certificates at the click of a button (of course, learning managers can access them too).

SCORM compatibility – flexibility to host your own original courses, deliver off-the-shelf elearning or offer a combination. We can even help you find library content, if you need it, via our partner network.

As many learners and courses as you want – we don’t have any maximum or minimum numbers. Dynamic scaling and our flexible pricing will help keep your operation efficient and cost-effective.

User groups –  Organise learners as you choose, making it easy to share courses with sets of users as you need to, and filter reports.

Desktop and mobile access – the responsive interface lets learning be completed or managed from anywhere.

Branding options – add your logo and hero image to welcome your users.

Full hosting – it’s cloud-based so there’s nothing to install or maintain at your end and we take care of all the security and system updates.

Support – learning managers can get help via our support portal; learners can access help information within the platform.

Cowry Consulting's branded login page to Training Post

Onboarding learners and inviting them to join courses is quick and easy with Training Post.


Pippa Pennycook

Cowry Consulting

A fabulous example of how a mobile orientated LMS should behave…
Simple, effective, flexible… and very good value as well.

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We like Training Post’s simplicity – it gives us what we need, without the complication of a hundred features we don’t want… We have thousands and thousands of users to manage and routine tasks working reliably and neatly saves my team days of work each week.

Neil Shepherd


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