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Campus (Learning Management System) is our bespoke, scalable learning management system that provides a centralised hub for all your training and development needs.

With Campus, training becomes a continuous process that’s available at all times, to all staff, even in geographically-dispersed organisations with staff spanning multiple time zones.

Campus can manage all your learning resources, from forums, news, folders and blogs, to SCORM-compliant elearning courses and complete, self-contained learning communities. Once you’ve created or uploaded your resources to Campus, they’re easy to update – simply make the required change(s) once, and every Campus user instantly has access to the updated resource.

We designed Campus to be flexible and powerful enough to function as a continuing personal development (CPD) logbook, for any staff members with CPD requirements. These users can upload resources, complete activities and record their progress in Campus. Managers can then review these materials, and record them as contributions towards the learner’s professional development goals.

Campus provides a comprehensive suite of tracking and reporting tools that helps managers analyse their staff’s performance, and identify areas of strength, weakness, and opportunities to enhance performance.

Campus also streamlines all the admin overhead typically associated with training and development. For example, admins can log into Campus and get a detailed insight into the usage patterns for each resource or the system as a whole; data that would be time-consuming to gather manually.

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We designed Campus to provide a detailed and flexible permissions system that gives administrators control over which areas users can access and the actions they can perform within Campus. This makes Campus easier for new users to navigate and understand, as they can only see the content and perform the actions that are relevant to them.

Campus is robust and scalable, making it the perfect training solution for organisations of all sizes, from small businesses to international enterprises with staff located across the globe.