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The Street

Becta/National Learning Network

Can Studios built ‘The Street’ as part of the first round of materials commissioned by Becta for the National Learning Network.

This ground-breaking 20 hour course promotes communication skills through contextual learning. The Street targets secondary school and college students aged 16-25, and brings the communication curriculum to life via a fully-interactive cartoon street populated by animated characters.

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The Street example character

To keep this 20 hour learning resource fresh and interesting, the learning scenarios take place in various locations including a restaurant, gym, outdoors and a construction site. Each scenario features a range of self-contained learning units lasting from 20 to 45 minutes. To make the communication curriculum easier to understand and digest, we broke the learning experience down into discrete learning objectives, each of which can be completed within 30 minutes.

We built this innovative learning resource according to IMS Guidelines for Creating Accessible Learning Technologies. The software is designed to be easily accessible so a learner with a disability can operate all of the built-in accessibility features without having to rely on assistive technology. We included full text rendering of all voiceovers, and developed a built-in speech synthesis module to aid the visually impaired.

Originally a browser-based product, the Street was subsequently re-issued as an application on CD-ROM.

Key features include:

  • All units are delivered as SCORM packages with scores, bookmarks and additional data saved to the Learning Management System. The content is authored in QTI-based XML.
  • All materials are authored and delivered using Can Studios’ Canvas Learning tools.
  • The course is provided as twenty one hour units, and as a single twenty hour learning object with additional interactive features.
Communication skills course