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The Environment Agency commissioned Can Studios to design and develop a CMS (content management system) where their top talent could learn more about the opportunities available to help them develop their leadership skills.

To meet the Environment Agency’s requirements, we developed the Talent Academy CMS. Our CMS is easy to update, so the Environment Agency staff can upload new content to the system and edit existing content without any external support.

The Environment Agency also needed a way to distribute important documents amongst their staff. Using Talent Academy, admins can upload documents and then make them available for download. They can also organise these documents into folders and, if required, restrict access to these folders so that only certain users can access their contents.

In this way, Talent Academy provides a single, centralised location where staff can research training opportunities, and then download all the documents they need to take advantage of these opportunities, including application forms and pre-workshop reading materials.

EA Talent Academy

To encourage users to explore Talent Academy, we designed an animation that presents all the website’s content as an interactive university campus, where clicking each building takes the user to a different part of Talent Academy.

In addition to this animation, we made sure users can easily find their way around the LMS by creating a navigation system that automatically updates to suggest new content based on the user’s current location.

“Can Studios consistently meet our expectations and often exceed them. Can Studios have without fail delivered an excellent quality of service across all areas, often adding value above and beyond initial requirements. Consistently providing excellent support, their staff are responsive and professional and take personal responsibility for seeing any support issue through to a successful conclusion.”

— Chris de Felice National Training Advisor 
Environment Agency