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STIM – Strategic and Tactical Incident Management

The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is most publicly visible during incidents, so it’s essential they deal with incidents effectively.

Environment Agency STIMEA STIMStrategic and Tactical Incident Management

Our STIM elearning course equips Environment Agency staff with a working knowledge of the role the Environment Agency plays in Incident Management.

This bespoke training covers all the key concepts of Incident Management and decision making for staff operating across two different levels:STIM EA

  • The Tactical level – the staff who coordinate and plan the incident response.
  • The Strategic level – the staff who, depending on the scale of the incident, may liaise with government departments and other national bodies.

STIM covers the many different types of incidents that staff may encounter, and uses engaging scenarios to give them crucial hands-on experience of incident management, but within a safe learning environment.

Through our scenarios, learners engage with different incidents, interact with the key players, and at critical stages have to consider what information is relevant and make decisions to try and manage the risk.

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— Chris de Felice National Training Advisor 
Environment Agency