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The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) needed a training course on statelessness that could be accessed worldwide by a large number of learners.


statelessness UNHCR

Stateless people are not recognised as a citizen of any state. It’s estimated that around 12,000,000 people across the globe are stateless and, as such, often have restricted access to fundamental human, social, and political rights.

Our Statelessness online training course familiarises learners with statelessness, its causes, consequences and the international response, while also highlighting the relevant legal framework and the four areas of UNHCR’s statelessness mandate: identification, prevention, reduction and protection.

To give learners some crucial ‘hands-on’ experience, we included practical examples and scenarios that guide the learner through the UNHCR’s typical activities regarding statelessness.

Stateless humanitarian training