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We created the MyWorks online assessment solution for interactive teaching specialists, Boardworks.


Our MyWorks system features a full range of assessments, from quick mini quizzes to syllabus-specific tasks that help students prepare for their Key Stage 4 exams. MyWorks currently has over 20,000 users.
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To ensure students get the maximum value out of MyWorks, we developed the system to provide students with instant feedback and helpful recaps based on the questions they answer incorrectly. To keep students engaged, each quiz uses a combination of step-by-step animations, pictures and audio clips.

All MyWorks quizzes are structured intuitively, and each quiz has a stand-alone revision activity that the learner can take prior to attempting a quiz, or afterwards to brush up on any topics they struggled with.

MyWorks saves teachers from hours of assessment by automatically tracking each student’s progress and performance, and recording these results in the administrator’s interactive markbook. To help teachers identify each student’s areas of strength and weakness, this data can be mapped to APP and curriculum objectives.