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Igniting Writing

Nelson Thornes

Can Studios developed the BETT award-nominated Igniting Writing series for Nelson Thornes.

We designed Igniting Writing to engage pupils and fire their imaginations in preparation for writing, and to help them develop ideas and gain confidence in their writing ability.

Igniting Writing Nelson Thornes

Igniting Writing waterworldAs part of this series, we developed two multimedia CD-ROMs for teachers to use on an interactive whiteboard. To keep the whole class engaged, we used a wide range of media, including videos, photos, sound effects, voiceovers and animations.

Since teachers needed to use this resource at two levels (upper and lower Key Stage 2), we designed our CD-ROMs to include differentiated texts and activities for each sequence. Each sequence provides step-by-step support for pupils’ own writing through modelled texts, analysis of key features and interactive writing outlines to aid planning.

To ensure teachers and students get the maximum value out of this resource, we designed Igniting Writing so users can easily import their own materials and create activities within the system.


“Working with Can has proved to be an enjoyable and valuable experience. We have found their approach to be innovative, creative and highly communicative. Can worked extensively with us both prior to, and during, construction of the software to develop our original idea into a highly sophisticated and innovative product. They maintained open lines of communication at all stages of the process, and did not fail to pass on (and explain where necessary) the good and the bad, as well as acting pre-emptively to provide solutions to any problems that were encountered. They provided us with creative solutions to the issues that our content sometimes posed and also fed back invaluable information that enabled us to develop our content as well as the software. In conclusion, we would not hesitate to use their services again in the future.”

— Jane Lee,
 Nelson Thornes