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eMIT – Motivational Interview Training

Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam Univeristy eMIT

We developed the eMIT online training tool for Sheffield Hallam University. This unique training tool teaches participants how to use the motivational interviewing (MI) counselling technique.

Because MI is a practical skill, we wanted to show learners how to use MI skills and techniques effectively, rather than just reading about them. This led to us developing a unique video coding feature where participants watch, analyse and interact with video samples of trainers demonstrating various MI techniques across different settings. This is a powerful and effective way of preparing participants to use motivational interviewing with their own clients.

To make sure this resource is suitable for a range of counsellors across different organisation settings, we designed eMIT to include adaptations for mental health, lifestyle, behaviour change, and smoking and alcohol cessation. We also designed an additional MI module specifically for practitioners working with young people.

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