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Ecological Sampling Series

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EA Ecological Sampling Series

The Environment Agency’s responsibilities mean that staff need to be highly trained in specialist sampling techniques. This environmental sampling is critical to monitoring the impact of various pollutants on wildlife and human health.

Successful environmental sampling requires staff to be familiar with a wide range of techniques that are dependent on diverse factors such as the type of environment, the material being sampled, and how the sample is going to be analysed. In addition, staff need to be aware of issues such as how to ensure a sample is representative, and being as non-invasive as possible.

To demonstrate the many different factors and techniques involved in effective ecological sampling, we produced a range of CD-ROMs that contained multimedia content of experts in action, alongside simulations of sampling techniques covering the full range of scenarios learners may encounter, from marine life to water processing plants.

Each CD contains between two and three hours of bespoke elearning materials covering this broad and varied subject. To keep learners engaged we used a combination of video, images, interactions and simulations.

Environment Agency Ecological Sampling Series

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— Chris de Felice National Training Advisor 
Environment Agency