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Building on the success of MyWorks, we developed Doddle, an online lesson, homework and revision system for Boardworks.

When our client came to us they had lots of great quality content but they needed a cutting edge learning platform to hold on to their market share. Working together we developed a world class learning platform.


Doddle covers 19 subjects across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, mapped to the latest curricula. Doddle saves teachers from hours of assessment by automatically tracking each student’s progress and performance, and recording these results in the teacher’s online mark book. This mark book updates automatically as students complete quizzes and activities within Doddle, so the teacher always has up to date information.

Doddle is used by over a million students

For each subject, Doddle has a fully customisable list of skills that students need to master. To provide teachers with a deeper insight into each student’s areas of strength and weakness, Doddle gives students a separate grade for each individual skill. Teachers can also use Doddle to analyse each student’s current attainment against their target.

Doddle keeps students motivated by rewarding effort and achievements with special badges. It can also generate clear, motivating reports for students and parents.

Doddle includes hundreds of KS3 progress tests, plus 16,000 teaching, homework and revision resources.