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Age, Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming


Can Studios developed the age, gender and diversity mainstreaming (AGDM) training resource for UNHCR.


This online course teaches UNHCR staff how to complete an effective AGDM analysis, and how to incorporate an age, gender and diversity approach into all their activities.

Protection risks vary depending on an individual’s age, gender and other characteristics, so we designed our AGDM training to demonstrate that learners shouldn’t assume that everyone within a displaced population faces the same risks. Instead, our course teaches UNHCR staff how to identify the specific risks an individual may face, by systematically analysing that person’s protection environment, and taking factors such as age, sex and assigned gender role into consideration.


AGDM analysis is crucial to ensuring that all the work the UNHCR carries out is inclusive and accessible to all persons of concern. We also designed our training to stress the importance of conducting these assessments regularly, as they play an important role in the UNHCR’s ability to react to any relevant changes that occur within the community, or at the individual level.

To ensure learners can use the information they gather via AGDM analysis, we included a module that takes an in-depth look at the six elements of implementing an AGDM approach.

Since all staff have a responsibility to uphold the UNHCR’s AGDM policy, we designed this training to be suitable for a wide range of staff, across different departments, and working in a variety of situations.