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Environment Agency

The Environment Agency has over 12,000 employees and is the leading public body dedicated to protecting and improving the environment across England and Wales.


One of the Environment Agency’s responsibilities is ensuring that a diverse range of natural and man-made flood defence structures are fit for purpose.

The Asset Inspector plays a vital role in maintaining these flood defences, so it’s crucial they are trained to the highest standard. The Environment Agency commissioned Can Studios to create a software-based training scheme that not only ensures their Asset Inspectors receive the highest standard of training, but also reduced the logistical overheads of their existing classroom training.

To meet these requirements, we designed and developed a solution that gave the Environment Agency increased flexibility over when and where learners completed their training. We delivered this training programme via a USB stick, so learners could access and run all the course’s large VR (Virtual Reality) files at acceptable speeds, without having to install any files on their machine.


As a result, the number of people completing the Asset Condition training per year has doubled, while the average cost per delegate has dropped from £1,500 to £1,000. Subsequently, the course paid for itself within the first 12 months of use and continues to save the Environment Agency money. Our asset condition training also reduced the average travel time per accreditation from 1.5 days per delegate, to zero.

The following comments summarise the Environment Agency’s response to our Asset Condition Grading course:

  • This learning initiative has earned the respect of the delegates, their managers, internal and external subject matter experts and the accrediting organisation.
  • The quality of training has increased; financial and environmental costs have decreased.
  • This solution has convinced business partners that innovative training can have a positive individual, team, departmental and organisational impact.

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“Can Studios consistently meet our expectations and often exceed them. Can Studios have without fail delivered an excellent quality of service across all areas, often adding value above and beyond initial requirements. Consistently providing excellent support, their staff are responsive and professional and take personal responsibility for seeing any support issue through to a successful conclusion.”

— Chris de Felice, National Training Advisor, 
Environment Agency