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Online training may be widely recognised as a more accessible and convenient way of training your staff, but what if you have staff located in countries or remote areas where the Internet isn’t easily accessible? We work with  a growing number of international aid organisations who have staff all over the world, including places where the Internet is unreliable, slow, or even non-existent – but these people still require training.

Our innovative LMS Buffer solution ensures that a lack of Internet doesn’t prevent your staff from accessing the training they need to perform their jobs effectively and safely.

LMS Buffer consists of two parts that integrate perfectly with your company’s LMS of choice:

  1. A CD ROM or USB containing all the training resources and our supportive technology.The physical media containing elearning courses and assessments is distributed to staff overcoming bandwidth limitations of local internet. Included with the courses is our technology that emulates a SCORM LMS and allows the course to work as normal; tracking progress in real time. Every time the learner completes a course, the system generates a tiny (5KB) tamper-proof email containing all the information needed to create a completion record in the online LMS. These emails are stored on the local computer until the learner has access to the limited amount of bandwidth required to send them.
  2. A website that receives and processes the above emails.This component is run in a high spec data center and is permanently online and waiting for emails. The system checks each email to ensure the user and course exist in the online LMS, then sends a notification to the LMS of verified course passes using the most appropriate mechanism for each client.

Using our LMS Buffer solution, organisations have distributed hundreds of elearning courses to some of the most demanding environments around the globe.