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Case Study

Spirax Sarco avatars deliver flexible training and business benefit

Spirax Sarco Ltd is a multi-national industrial engineering group with expertise in the control and management of steam, electrical thermal energy solutions, peristaltic pumping and associated fluid path technologies.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The cast of character-based avatars we developed for them has enabled Spirax Sarco’s Academy team to develop engaging and flexible training, helping deliver learning and associated business benefits even faster.

The brief

Spirax Sarco wanted to create flexible learning that would help their sales engineers deliver technical solutions to meet customers’ specific requirements. They wanted high-quality video assets they could use in a variety of formats. Their goal was to provide both facilitated and self-serve learning, at point of need.

Key points

3D character development
Instructional animation
Multi-media production
Bite-size learning

Our approach

As elearning specialists, our media designers helped the Spirax Sarco Academy team evolve an avatar-based concept into a solution that could deliver value for years to come.

The expertise of Spirax Sarco trainers has earned them great authority and credibility among staff. The avatars we created of those trainers, along with some new characters, capture that kudos most effectively for e-learning.

Having avatars – as opposed to filming the real people – provided a number of advantages…

  • Virtual visual aids – diagrams and equations can be woven into the avatars presentation.
  • Future-proof content – avatar presentation can be edited or updated without continuity problems, and new characters created as needed.
  • Relieve pressure on trainers – no need to take time out for filming or learn to be comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Simpler translation – applying alternative language tracks – with their different timings – is easier with animation than film.

Using stylised illustration with big faces, our animators were able inject plenty of expression – and even a little humour – into the learning material.

The concept was executed by our experienced multimedia production team, combining skills in animation, audio recording and voice synching. The high quality product, reflects the dedication of the Spirax Sarco Academy to providing quality learning to employees world-wide.

Quality is something we won’t compromise on. We are always looking to push boundaries to deliver learning that is both meaningful and memorable. Whatever brief we bring to Can Studios, I know they have the team and skills to develop it into something really special.

Chris de Felice

Learning Technologies Manager, Spirax Sarco

The result

The suite of character-driven animations we’ve developed have given Spirax Sarco a powerful and versatile tool that offers an engaging, flexible learning experience.

And they’ve given their sales engineers and other staff an accessible way to learn and apply detailed technical concepts to meet their customers’ needs.

Can Studio’s avatar development has helped us transform our instructor lead activity into engaging digital content that can be used in the classroom, in teams or individually. That gives our employees flexibility in terms of when, how and where they learn – so they get the training and our business recognises the benefits even faster.


Chris de Felice

Learning Technologies Manager, Spirax Sarco Ltd