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Case Study

Simple LMS + Can partnership = Time & money saved

Kiwa Agri Food is a UKAS-accredited body specialising in feed, food and farm certification. Their business-critical training is as likely to be taken in truck or tractor cabs as training rooms. Needing an efficient, easy-access LMS that would give them function without faff – they chose Training Post.


Kiwa’s existing LMS was proving to be overly complex for their needs, and apparently simple tasks were taking too much time and money. They needed a streamlined solution and a responsive technology partner.

Key points

Ready-to-go LMS
Partnership approach
High volume platforms

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Kiwa Agri Food has been using Adapt from Can Studios since 2016 and when they started having problems with their learning management system they asked if we could help.

And we did, with Training Post – our light touch learning management system.

Things such as the elegance of the “magic link” function (which can log users in without passwords) or being able to control how often a course can be taken at an individual level appealed to Kiwa Agri Foods.

We like Training Post’s simplicity – it gives us what we need, without the complication of a hundred features we don’t want.
We have thousands and thousands of users to manage and routine tasks working reliably and neatly saves my team days of work each week.


Neil Shepherd

Head of IT and Software Development, Kiwa Agri Food

Our willingness to open up more of the back end was also an important factor for Neil. It’s unusual for an LMS provider to do this – but it was a step we took based on a long standing relationship with the Kiwa team and knowledge of their capabilities.

Allowing them access to a replica database has meant they’ve been able to do what they need without jumping through hoops – so they can work more quickly and efficiently.

One of the things I value about our relationship is that with Can Studios we’re not just customers, we’re partners. They help us wherever they can, and when there’s not an easy answer they find a solution that’s right for us.

Neil Shepherd

Head of IT and Software Development, Kiwa Agri Food


Training Post started saving Kiwa time and money from day one by giving them a simple yet robust way to manage their learning content and learners.

One specific and crucial example for KIWA was the ability to create custom certificates. Other providers wanted to charge them £200 to £400 a time, with a turn around of weeks sometimes. But by letting Kiwa replicate the database, we were able to give them the function they needed in-house.