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Case Study

Performance management, communication and feedback

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) staff work to protect the rights of displaced and vulnerable people in more than 30 countries. They strive to continually learn from their experience to ensure programmes are of the highest possible quality. As a part of a move towards good-quality elearning, they wanted an online module on performance management, communication and feedback. The course we created guides managers through a programme of online and offline activities to ensure principles are applied in practice.

The brief

NRC wanted highly interactive and engaging elearning as the centrepiece of a package that would initiate further self-guided reading, personal reflection and practical action. The material had to be credible and representative of the varied challenges, tasks and environments their staff tackle. It also had to work for learners with minimal infrastructure and poor internet connectivity.

Key points

Bespoke elearning content
Scenario-based learning
Robust and accessible media

Our approach

We developed an online module with an accompanying learning journal where participants could record their wider learning and operational experiences around this topic.

The content was structured into four modules, encouraging staff to reflect, explore and apply what they were learning at each stage.

Each module included:

  • an overview of objectives
  • introduction to key concepts with a variety of engaging presentation formats
  • real-life scenarios requiring learners to apply the principles to practice
  • self-assessment questions/quizzes
  • a summary of the main learning points
  • links to further existing video and other material
  • exercises to be completed within learners’ own work settings.
Cover of the learning journal.

By ensuring key points were covered concisely we were able to keep the screen time for the four modules to less than an hour. This maximises the time that busy staff had to apply the tools and techniques to the management of their own teams.

A series of screens from the performance management course

Our end-to-end service for the design, build and test of this course included:

  • liaising with NRC subject experts to ensure that the material and scenarios were true to the occupational realities of their staff
  • full instructional design, scripting and storyboarding
  • bespoke photography / illustration and stock image provision
  • course build and testing to ensure the material worked on their learning management systems.

To create the visual impact to engage the learners, and ensure the course would work at low bandwidth, within each module we carefully balanced use of still imagery (including bespoke photography), short custom animations and externally-hosted video.

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