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Hey! Look what I made!

I am genuinely very excited to have created my first course using the Adapt from Can Studios authoring tool. (Although – ssshhh – turns it out it’s not so difficult. Try it yourself if you don’t believe me.) But just because I can – should I?

Before I go any further – credit for the gorgeous graphics and custom CSS in this course goes to the talented Radina of the Can Studios design team. Watching her work in Adapt definitely makes me conscious of my incompetence.

But despite my basic skill level, it was pretty quick and easy to create a working piece of elearning for my very own content and questions. With no previous experience. And I really do think that’s exciting.

With flexible working comes the need for flexible learning and development. Using Adapt from Can Studios, just about anyone can create interactive, digital courses to be used anywhere, on any device – as I have proved!

No matter how niche your content – bespoke elearning is possible and affordable.

Thumbnail of the preview editor screen in Adapt from Can Studios

The Lite mode and Preview editor – exclusive features of Adapt from Can Studios – were definitely a big help in getting started. As was a quick tour of the basics from an old hand (which Can Studios offers all users). And with that – I was off!

In my career I’ve worked on all sorts of communications and publishing projects – and oh how this tool would have opened up the creative options!

Although… just because you can build a course yourself, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Effective elearning must – of course – bring together subject expertise, sound pedagogical principles and good graphic/media design.

(This is perhaps the moment to reassure Can Studios’ customers that my elearning content creation is strictly limited to sample and demo material!)

“With flexible working comes the need for flexible learning. Using Adapt from Can Studios, just about anyone can create interactive, digital courses to be used anywhere, on any device…. Although, just because you can… it doesn’t necessarily mean you should.”


Brook Hayes

Can Studios Communications Manager

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing though. At Can Studios we work with clients right along a continuum – from do-it-yourself through to do-it-all-for-you:

Subscription only – With an Adapt from Can Studios subscription we take care of set up, hosting, back ups and tech support. So if you have instructional and media design skills in-house, you can just log on to your own secure server and start creating.

Jump start – Our elearning experts provide a tailored combination of template courses, intensive support and elearning consultancy to help deliver your initial Adapt-based project(s) effectively and efficiently while you’re building in-house capability.

Full service, bespoke content – We work with your subject experts to develop custom content, and build it: from storyboards to media assets and testing. We deliver a SCORM-compatible zip-file ready for any LMS. You still have the option to make future edits yourself with Adapt from Can Studios (or the open source tool).

So if you think fully custom, responsive elearning could open opportunities for your business…

I’ll happily give you the beginners guided tour by screen share – no question too basic! Give me a call. (Or feel free to ask for a fully qualified techie if you want to get into the nitty-gritty straight off.)

Now really – pleeeease try my sample course about Our Solar System!