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Case Study

Creating success with quick and clean elearning for practical business skills

While books remain very much their primary business, Kogan Page was looking to add a new dimension with digital content. We helped them to transform existing books into concise elearning. The resulting courses are an easy, flexible way to access the material across multiple devices, providing instant-access support for a range of key business skills.

The challenge

Kogan Page wanted ten online courses, to complement their Creating Success series. These needed to give quick, convenient and cost-effective access to this practical business expertise. We needed to ensure learners were fully engaged and actively absorbing the information, while being careful not to patronise this professional audience.

Key points

Bespoke content
Bite-sized learning
Custom illustration
Mobile-friendly HTML5
CPD certification

Kogan page logo

Our approach

Our instructional designers worked with the Kogan Page subject experts to distil the book content and create, for each title, a concise course that covers the most salient points.

Our graphic designers created custom illustrations and infographics to convey certain sections of the books content in fast, memorable ways. They also adapted many of the original illustrations for on-screen use – especially mobile. Learners can interact with these graphics to explore the information before checking with knowledge.

Pared-back visual styling and straight-forward language sets the tone for these courses: it’s all about practical expertise that gets straight to the point.

To help professionals use the content around busy schedules, we organised the material into bite-sized segments that make it easy to dip in and out, and find just the information they need.

The responsive HTML5 content (built with Adapt) also work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.

Each of the courses takes learners around one to two hours to complete, and they can even generate a CPD accredited certificate of completion when all the modules have been passed (the content is fully SCORM 1.2 compliant).

Although elearning was a new venture for us – we had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve commercially and as a publishing concept. We needed a partner who would realise this concept and could guide us through the technological process from start to finish.

Alison Middle

Marketing Director, Kogan Page


The courses provide a convenient introduction to, or refresher of, the Creating Success books’ detailed content.

By allowing readers to access the material easily across multiple devices, without losing their place, they’re a tool that learners can turn to at their moment of need. Perfect for the pace and constant change of today’s working world.

Adding a digital angle has made it even easier for both individual and business customers to access Kogan Page’s practical business expertise quickly and easily.

It’s allowed Kogan Page to consolidate a strong growth phase by optimising its content and bringing it to the attention of a completely different customer, as part of their ongoing commitment to develop expert content that supports professional development.