Ufi has announced grants of up to £300k to develop innovative digital solutions that tackle the skills challenges arising from the changing nature of work. So we’re on the hunt for some really juicy, specific challenges.

Think you have one? Let’s do breakfast!

Digital technology can dramatically improve how vocational learning is developed and delivered – and make it more effective, accessible and affordable.

But even though most employers use technology, few ever get much say in developing it. Specifying completely innovative, targeted tech is usually the privilege of big business or those with serious investment behind them.

With this funding, Ufi is providing a chance for any business to shape vocational tech to build the skills it needs to thrive into the future.

The VocTech Specialist funding is aimed at early stage innovation, particularly projects that need time to fully understand the requirements and test alternative approaches. To enable this it even includes a funded Discovery Phase to help projects to crystalise thinking on the right way forward for their product.

To me, this is a reminder that us in the tech industry need to be continually asking learners and their employers what do you need, as opposed to us telling them what we’ve got.

That means making the time and space to listen – which we’ll be doing over breakfast on Wednesday 13 March 2019 at our Park Hill offices in Sheffield.

To help organisations explore the possibilities for bidding, we’ll host a workshop that will give participants an opportunity to:

  • share challenges and exchange ideas
  • get input from technical developers in software, virtual/augmented reality and AI
  • identify any areas of synergy
  • consider potential partners for collaborative applications to the VocTech Specialist fund.

No experience of developing digital products, or of learning theory and practice, is needed.

So if you’ve got a skills tech challenge you’d love someone to get their teeth into – join us. Promise we’ll keep the tea and coffee flowing!

Book your place now.



Ufi’s charitable funding supports projects that show potential to have real impact in the world of vocational learning by making a difference to how people learn, to the number of people gaining new skills and to business efficiency.  Find out more at www.ufi.co.uk