Since I came to Can Studios I’ve been struck that – as much they love tech – it’s our developers’ collaborative spirit and openness that make good projects great. When I caught up with people on both sides of a recently launched project for Kiwa – it was another prime example.

This autumn, Kiwa’s Agri Food division moved their learning management to our Training Post platform. It was an unorthodox idea, albeit a good one, as Can Studios Technical Director Paul Hilton explained to me:

Training Post is primarily an ecommerce platform – geared to selling training  course-by-course to individuals or organisations. And Kiwa’s learners aren’t paying for their courses directly. But we discussed the possibilities openly, and agreed Training Post, with its card payment function off, was actually an ideal solution.”

Training Post is a learning management system (LMS), but it’s a light touch one – and that was its appeal for Kiwa Agri Food, as their Head of IT and Software Development Neil Shepherd told me:

“What we like about Training Post is its simplicity – it gives us what we do need, without the complication of a hundred features we don’t.”

“It’s things like the elegance of the “magic link” function which can log users in without passwords, or being able to control how often a course can be taken at an individual level. We have thousands and thousands of users to manage and routine tasks working reliably and neatly saves my team days of work each week.”

Paul also explained that Can Studios has been willing to open up more of the back end of the platform than many other suppliers would:

“I’m not saying we’d do this for any client – but we’ve worked with the Kiwa team for a while. We know their capabilities, we understand the detail of what they want to achieve. Giving them direct access to a replica database has meant they’ve been able to do what they need without having to jump through hoops.”

One specific and crucial example for Neil was issuing certificates:

“We wanted the ability to create custom certificates – accreditation is our business. Other providers wanted to charge us £200 to £400 a time, with a turn around of weeks sometimes. By letting us access the database, Can Studios has helped us bring the function we need in house – saving us time and money in the long run.

“One of the things I value about our relationship is that with Can Studios we’re not just customers, we’re partners. They help us wherever they can, and when there’s not an easy answer they find a solution that’s right for us.

“We’ve authored our courses in Adapt from Can Studios since 2016 – and we trust them. It’s an advantage for us to get our authoring software as well as our LMS all in one place. If there is a problem we know we can get a swift resolution.”