World class business publishers are changing. Now, more than ever, they’re keen to explore new ways to digitise their content.

With a wealth of existing material, they are well-placed to move into the elearning arena, which allows them to deliver their traditional content in new, interactive ways.   

In their 50th anniversary year, business publisher Kogan Page has taken the leap into elearning technology and are moving some of their archive online to enable their books to be consumed in more ways.

“The industry is changing. The way people are obtaining information is changing,” explains Alison Middle, marketing director at Kogan Page.

“Today’s learners like to see information available to them not just in traditional book formats, but digitally, online, in formats they can access as and when it’s most convenient.”

“The move into elearning was the next step for Kogan Page. We’re putting ourselves in a position to make sure we’re keeping up with the way people are learning and keeping up with the times.”

“It makes complete sense for us to take all the information we have and move into that elearning space.”


Deciding which books to digitise for the courses was relatively simple. Kogan Page are focusing on their skills area and their Creating Success series lends itself well to an elearning format as the existing content is already divided into bite-sized chunks.

Once they had identified the content, Kogan Page had to find the right partner to work with to identify the key sections of the books that would create really interesting and interactive online courses. Finding that partner however, was one of the more challenging parts of the process.

“It took us a while, as we had a lot to consider,” explains Alison. “You’ve got to find people you feel you can work with and people who understand your vision.”

“A lot of companies had great technology to develop courses, but the actual platform that they sat on didn’t have quite the commercial element that we were looking for.

Kogan Page was looking to work with just one company who could provide both the course and the platform, which is why they chose Can Studios.  

“We were looking for people who understood the concept and would work with us to design appealing courses – this combination makes the course itself great.

The ability to be able to commercialise the course, however, was key.

“You have to be able to commercialise the product, and to do that you need a platform that makes that possible,” says Alison.

“Can Studios has that platform in place and we’ve been working together to add the extra dimension Kogan Page needs to sell B2C.”


“With Can Studios we found a partner who was able to understand and move with us in that direction quite quickly.”

What made Can Studios stand out from the competition for Kogan Page, was the fact that their platform was built as a sales platform from day one. They understand the importance of being able to sell a product and offer advanced functionality such as the concept of licensing, which lets companies buy courses in bulk.

Kogan Page also liked the fact that Can Studios’ interface was visually appealing and offered a smooth experience for the consumer.   

“This is just the beginning for us, so it was really important to find the right partner,” says Alison.

“For us, this move into the elearning arena is about understanding that we have potential clients, and existing clients, who we can offer our content to in different, more dynamic ways – and not just to individuals, but also to corporates and associations. This means we can then access clients or potential clients who we have never had access to before.”

Kogan Page’s first elearning series, Creating Success, will be available to the marketplace by the early summer.