Can Studios is promising to make the industry’s fastest growing open source authoring tool so easy that absolutely anyone can use it.

The Sheffield-based elearning company says that the flexibility and the vast range of plugins that have made the Adapt authoring tool so popular with course designers in recent months, are actually dissuading take-up by non-technical HR experts and the majority of line managers who crave an easy to use, lighter version of Adapt to get started with.

Can’s CEO Paul Hilton explains: “We’re aiming to open Adapt’s power up to the masses by taking away the early set-up and getting started issues that plague many novice users. Too many non-technical users are wooed by the potential of Adapt only to become overwhelmed by its scope.

The new lighter Adapt version builds on Can Studio’s promise to deliver Adapt’s most user-friendly eco-system, explains Paul: “Twelve months ago we created our Adapt hosting service to negate the numerous set-up and getting started problems that many professional course designers experienced when they came to the Adapt authoring tool. Now with our lighter version, we’re opening Adapt’s potential up to the entire workforce.

Our goal is to make Adapt the natural choice for anyone across the business, regardless of their technical aptitude. Subject matter experts, HR professionals or department managers will find our lighter Adapt version simple and initiative to use. It allows them to start making courses quickly within a simple environment. As soon as users become familiar with the features available in our lighter version they can easily toggle to and from full function Adapt as their comfort levels increase.”

Can Studio’s new lighter Adapt version makes it easy for anyone to create text, image and multiple choice based course material without any technical experience or knowledge of the Adapt authoring tool. Course material can even be built directly from mobile devices and the simple user interface is compatible with most existing Adapt components.

Adapt Lite is available now and comes as standard for Can Studios’ customers. New features and interactions are released each month to customers using Can’s hosting service for the Adapt authoring tool.