What a week.

Wow. I am exhausted. This week has been packed – two product releases, exhibiting at Sheffield’s first Digifest and three days at the Children’s Media Conference.

This year’s event has been fantastic –

Over 1100 delegates from the most creative companies in the country (and beyond) have descended on our beautiful sheffield to meet with friends, discuss the future of children’s media, and who knows maybe make a deal or two. I don’t know where else you can talk to influencers from Sky, Virgin Media, Rovio (Angry Birds) and the BBC in the same hour.

This three day event has been the social highlight of the year to date and it seems unlikely to be topped.

Trolls at the CMC

The sessions and workshops have as ever been inspirational and informative. Covering everything from the BBCs strategy for the next 12 months, to getting VR right. We’ve even had a lesson in silly from Dick and Dom who revealed they had used over 500,000 packets of custard during their 20 years on tv.

There’s a great representation of local talent here – my thanks to all the volunteers (mostly arts and media students) who have helped us all get to the right places at the right time.

Local companies are also well represented – a special mention to Finger Industries who produced the Speed Meeting sessions where I spent a lot of time.

This year there was a lot of interest in our site MathsPractice.co.uk and games based learning, I look forward to seeing some of those conversations come to fruition.

It’s sad to see everyone from outside the city begin to leave as a line of suit cases and pink lanyards stream toward the train station as I write this. Farewell friends – I’ll see you all next year.