Can Studios Now Framework Suppliers to Humanitarian Leadership Academy

We’re pleased to announce that we are now elearning framework suppliers to a new global humanitarian initiative.

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy will help support the millions of people currently in urgent need of humanitarian aid, by providing training to the next generation of humanitarian workers. The Academy will also enable some of the world’s most vulnerable people through education by giving local communities the training they need to be able to respond to crises happening in their own countries.

Faced with a growing humanitarian crises, the work being performed by charities and humanitarian organisations has never been more important, particularly organisations like the Academy which has the potential to improve the working processes of humanitarian initiatives across the globe.

Working with the Academy is a great opportunity for Can Studios, as humanitarian elearning is an area we have lots of experience with. We’ve created humanitarian elearning across a wide range of subjects – from statelessness to urban refugees and public health – and even have plans to release a mobile game to help raise public awareness of important humanitarian issues.

As framework suppliers to the Academy, we’ll be producing a wide variety of interactive and scenario-led elearning, as well as providing consultation across specialist subjects such as blended learning, peer-supported learning, face-to-face training and evaluation tools.

We’ve always advocated digital training as an invaluable resource for humanitarian organisations, and are looking forward to working with the Academy.

If you want more information about this partnership, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.