It has to be said I do spend quite a bit of my work time travelling. I mean travelling by train not time travelling. Train travel really isn’t that much fun.

Mostly I visit clients all over the UK but sometimes I take opportunities to make sure I am keeping up to date with developments in our sector. Last week I attended Learning Technologies in London.

Learning Technologies is the UK’s largest conference and exhibition dedicated to supporting learning at work and is an event that Can Studios have attended many times over the years. As you would expect, it is filled with companies, old and new, offering everything from elearning consultancy to course design. Basically we fit right in.

I took some time this year to really look at what was on offer. At such a huge event it’s impossible to say hello to every exhibitor but you can certainly get a broad sense of what is going on in our industry. This year I noticed that most of exhibitors were marketing off-the-shelf content and systems. Clearly there is a market for this but this isn’t where our specialisms lie at Can Studios. We offer truly bespoke learning management systems and I think Learning Technologies is a great place for us to shout about what we do best. Next year, I fully expect to be part of the exhibition, using it as an opportunity to meet existing and future clients. I hope we see you there.

The only thing worrying me is what on earth we can give out as freebies. Stress toy tin cans perhaps?