Environment Agency

Nice weather we’re having, eh?

The sea of picnic blankets and pound-shop cricket sets covering every patch of green space in the city centre makes it difficult to believe that, just a few months ago, we were staring at images of politicians in wellies staring and pointing at floods. Railway lines in Wales were washed into the sea, the West Country was submerged and Kentish villagers saw their roads and homes severely damaged.

Across the country, the Environment Agency mobilised and it made me feel proud that we’d actually helped to train the officers conducting the emergency response efforts.

And now we’re been given the chance to help again as we have secured a major new contract with the Environment Agency.

During our time working with the Environment Agency over the past 10 years, we’ve modelled entire villages, created dramatic, dramatised training and even animated a talking fish. The range of subjects we’ve helped to teach through elearning has not only given us the opportunity to help to train some talented people on some complex subjects, but have made us pub quiz masters on some pretty esoteric topics. Got a round at your local on Asset Condition Grading or the legislation concerning waste disposal and management? I’m your man. Need to identify a very specific aquatic macro-invertebrate? We have a course on that.

This new contract will see us working on an innovative new set of elearning resources over the next two years as well as enhancing the Environment Agency’s existing training resources.

It excites me greatly to be able to deploy the latest technologies, including interactive learning, gamification and mobile learning to re-establish a long-standing relationship that’s already seen us produce approximately 150 hours of elearning over a 10 year period.

So thanks, Environment Agency, and here’s to 10 more years!

If you want to learn more about the projects we’ve already completed for the Environment Agency, check out our portfolio where you’ll also find work we’ve completed for many other internationally-recognised companies and brands.