Can Studios awardsomeEverybody needs a pat on the back sometimes and Sheffield company Can Studios Ltd have now created a virtual way of doing just that.

‘Awardsome’ is a completely free way of using the internet to give someone you know just a little bit of credit for what they do.
‘Awardsome’ is a website that allows you to create a virtual trophy and award it, via Facebook, Twitter or email, to someone you admire.

Paul Hilton, Director of Can Studios, explains that as a business they wanted to develop a fun way to share a bit of positivity through the internet. Since the website was launched last week they have been thrilled by the response, with people around the world issuing each other awards with everything from ‘World’s Best Cake Baker’ to ‘Best Programmer’.

Paul says:

“That’s the beauty of it. It’s a quick and free way for you to give an award for the little fun things, but it also works well in the workplace to give positive feedback and motivation to staff members.”

Closer to home Paul says that his own daughters have already created awards for their mum and grandparents and that the whole thing has made him much more aware of the need to pass on a bit of praise, even for the little things.

Can Studios are themselves award winners in their field, having worked with government agencies and publishers to create e-learning solutions for over ten years. They know then that a bit of praise and recognition can go a long way!