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Support videos

These short videos give practical introductions for key tasks and topics.

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Create a new project in Adapt

Get started with the Adapt Authoring Tool by creating your first project.

Add an image in Adapt

Make your course more visually appealing by adding some images.

Add a multiple choice question

Engage with your learners through the use of interactive multiple choice questions.

Preview editor

Create and edit your project pages instantly with this unique feature only in Adapt from Can Studios. It lets you see the course styled and laid out – and navigate around it – as the learner will. Find out more about the Preview editor and our exclusive Lite authoring mode.

Adding the Preview editor extension

A quick guide showing how to enable our unique Preview editor plugin.

List Menu plugin

Follow this quick guide to see the benefits of the List Menu plugin.

How to use meters in your course

A meter is a gamification tool that allows learners to get instant responses based on decisions they make within a scenario. Check out this quick guide to see the how to set up meter questions and feedback.

How to add Advanced Hot Graphic pins

A quick guide to show how to set up audio and transcripts in your hot graphic.