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As approved collaborators on the Adapt Learning project we are committed to developing Adapt for you, and for the benefit of the community. Our regular updates to Adapt from Can Studios bring you new features, plugins and bug fixes – faster.




(Please note v2.6.0 was last release)

(2020/01/13 17.00)

Integration of versions 0.10.1 and 0.10.2 of the community authoring tool. 

New features
New Integrates version 0.10.1 of the community tool
New Integrates version 0.10.2 of the community tool, a round up of the latest bug fixes from the community. (See GitHub for details)

Fixed Course sharing: Courses shared with another user cannot be copied or manually backed up by that user


(2019/10/04 17.00)

Courses built in earlier framework versions can now be imported into the authoring tool.

New features
New Integrates version 4.3.0 of the community framework (See GitHub for details)
New Integrates version 0.9.0 of the community tool
New Integrates version 0.10.0 of the community tool, including the new advanced import feature. (See GitHub for details)
New Upgrades Can Studios plugins to be accessible and work with version 4 framework
New Preview editor supports Narrative and QuickNav components

Fixed Preview editor: Images added to body text areas via the CKEditor add image button are broken on preview
Fixed Preview editor: Editor UI not displayed on large courses when Spoor is present
Fixed Meter MCQ: Answers cannot be read by screen readers in IE11
Fixed Meter: Does not work on IE11
Fixed Can Background: Desktop image does not display if mobile image is removed
Fixed Can Background: Setting descriptions are unclear

VERSION 2.5.0 JULY 2019

(2019/07/22 17.00)

New theme editing features (can be accessed from the new theme editor page) and integration of versions 0.8.0 and 0.8.1 of the community authoring tool.

New features
New Integrates version 0.8.0 of the community tool (including new theme editing feature)
New Integrates version 0.8.1 of the community tool
New Exclusive Coffee Table theme added
New Can Primary, Dark Matter and Light Matter themes now editable

Fixed Course editor pages take a long time to load – particularly for larger courses
Fixed Preview editor: Cannot delete items in accordion component
Fixed Preview editor: Page doesn’t scroll back to accordion when adding new fields
Fixed Preview editor: Deleting fields and returning to the page creates empty fields
Fixed Preview editor: Soft-deleted assets showing in asset selector
Fixed Preview editor: Light Matter and Dark Matter themes have settings menu that is incorrect colour
Fixed Light Matter and Dark Matter themes: several styling issues when using these with the preview editor enabled
Fixed Default theme for new courses is not Can Primary
Fixed Lite view: Dashboard – When creating a course it is not clear which plugins will be enabled
Fixed Can Background: Descriptions to make settings unclear
Fixed Users can see system message when they are not logged in

VERSION 2.4.0 MAY 2019

(2019/05/23 17:00)

Two new themes, enhancements to preview editor and integration version 0.7.1 of the community authoring tool.

New features
New Exclusive Dark Matter theme
New Exclusive Light Matter theme
New Users can now edit background colours in the preview editor
New Users can now create and edit accordion components in preview editor
New Users can now create and edit media components in preview editor
New MCQ Options improved in the preview editor.
New User management features in Lite Mode improved.
New Integrates version 0.7.1 of the community tool.

Fixed Editor buttons duplicate when navigating to different pages
Fixed Wording incorrect when inserting graphics for page, article, and block background
Fixed Launching courses in lite mode does not enable disabled mandatory extensions
Fixed Preview editor, can background in can-primary-theme
Fixed Preview Editor deletes wrong Accordion item and MCQ answers
Fixed Lite mode has missing items in drop down menu
Fixed Forgotten password not working on mobile
Fixed Unshared courses are visible in the shared area
Fixed Shared courses are not visible to the Course Creator role
Fixed Core components updated
Fixed Preview editor does not work on IE11
Fixed Graphic component in Preview Editor – Microsoft Edge issues
Fixed Graphic component in Preview Editor – IE11 issues
Fixed Media Component in Edge issues
Fixed Media Component in IE11 issues
Fixed Image thumbnail missing when added through Preview Editor

VERSION 2.3.0 April 2019

(2019/04/24 17:00)

Integrating versions 0.7.0 of the community authoring tool.

New features
New Menu and page editor breadcrumb navigation.
New Option to force a full course rebuild.
New Add ability to search/filter user list.
New Custom CSS box resizeable.
New Admin can choose framework plugins to install by default in new courses.
New Duplicate component list items.
New Change your own email via the profile view.
New Share courses with specific users.
New Admins can give new users a name.
New Admins can send users a welcome email.
New Admins can no longer change the passwords of users (this is bad practice security wise).
New Admins are warned that the reset password button will send an email.

Fixed A user’s courses are no longer ‘orphaned’ when the user is deleted – the admin user can now choose to own, share or delete them.
Fixed Removing an asset from a component removes all other instances of that asset.
Fixed Ace Editor’s syntax colouring is lost when code is uglified.
Fixed Course preview page favicon path is incorrect.
Fixed Component paste-zone layout broken.
Fixed Roles with lesser permissions cannot see any shared courses.

VERSION 2.2.0 January 2019

2019/01/30 16:30
New features
New update of community core to 0.6.2 (including 0.6.0 and 0.6.1) See GitHub for details.
Fixed Lite view: Backup management – occasionally, course remains in backup list when removing last backup.
Fixed Page editor: Uncaught TypeError – getBoundingclientRect appears when adding a component.
Fixed Lite view: User management – “Edit user” column remains open when returning to user management.
Fixed Lite view: Able to access Advanced view only areas by url.
Fixed: Mobile text and mobile instructions don’t work with the advanced hot graphic when the Preview editor is installed.
Fixed on IE 11:  Not possible to preview a course with the preview editor extension.

VERSION 2.1.0 September 2018

2018/09/18 17:30
New features
New Lite mode : consistent mobile first redesign
New Lite mode : asset management
New Lite mode : profile page management
New All modes: Super admins able to hide deleted assets
Fixed Tags: selected filter tags go behind service images
Fixed Tags: clear tag button is off screen when tags wrap onto two lines
Fixed User management: cannot scroll user list
Fixed User management: user details panel remains open for deleted user
Fixed Medium sized device: long emails cause elements in banner to wrap underneath
Fixed Forms: style inconsistently in Lite mode
Fixed Page title: In Lite view not visible on medium sized screens
Fixed Page title: doesn’t update in Lite mode when going to dashboard
Fixed Unlock user button: doesn’t work in Lite mode
Fixed Backup management screen: is empty when no backups exist
Fixed Backup management: Table margins have become smaller
Fixed Banner margin: spacing is inconsistent
Fixed User profile: Save button missing on mobile; unable to confirm user profile changes

Version 2.0 July 2018

(2018/07/18 17:00)
New features
New Article Block Slider Extension.
Fixed System should default to advanced mode for new users on desktop, lite on mobile.
Fixed Meter Results: Results component should not be hidden by completing associated Meter MCQs.
Fixed Graphic component: Only graphic files should be visible in asset picker.
Fixed User management: Admin should not be able to set passwords under 8 characters.
Fixed Mode info popup should not be visible on the “already logged in” screen.
Fixed Click area for the delete button and actions cog on the dashboard should be larger.
Fixed Back to courses button periodically disappears.
Fixed Side bar flickers when going to the dashboard.

Version 1.11 May 2018

(2018/06/05 17:15)
New features
New Basic notification system so we can provide system messages to all users.
New Indication of lite/advanced mode switch when first entering tool.
Fixed issues
Fixed Page editor: Reposition and buttons
Fixed Import button stuck when user uploads no files.
Fixed Password reset: Resize input fields.
Fixed Unable to log out/ user redirected to “Looks like you are already logged in” screen.
Fixed Login screen looks incorrect the first time you go to it.
Fixed List menu does not show page duration correctly.
Fixed Editing a user in lite mode does not populate with current values.
Fixed Cannot save from the edit user screen in lite mode.

Version 1.10 April 2018

Import (2018/04/27 17:30 BST) You can now import Adapt courses. This can be from framework sourced courses, or exports from our own or third party Adapt Authoring Tool systems.

New features
New Notify Extension
New Import courses
New Links to content areas on long pages.
New Select Existing Assets from Preview editor.

Fixed issues
Fixed Flipper/Expose cause a scroll event on mobile.
Fixed Invisible answers in Matching component on mobile.
Fixed Logging in on desktop and mobile mess with each other.
Fixed Design change on the password strength notice.
Fixed Remove plugin message says “Remove plugin message says “This undefined is unused”
Fixed Some removed images are still appearing in the course download.
Fixed Borders too small on dashboard.
Fixed LESS compilation errors prevent rebuilds for 10 minutes. Fixed Themes: colour schemes for article and component elements are not correct.

Version 1.9.1 March 2018

(Hot-fix 2018/03/14 17:00)
Fixed This update is specifically to fix an issue in 1.9.0 which in rare circumstances prevents users seeing old courses on the dashboard.

Version 1.9 February 2018

(2018/03/09 08:30)

The main focus of this release is merging in the latest community updates to the Authoring Tool (version 0.4.1) to our enhanced offering. You can see the full community release notes here (0.4.0 and 0.4.1 are relevant) : We have also found time to add a few other features and fixes of our own too. Including the background extension letting you add a background to any page, article, block or component.

New features
New Merged with community version 0.4.1
New New Can Background component
New When authoring in lite mode images are optimised before uploading.
New Can hide content with isHidden and isVisible
New Can apply css classes to content when it becomes visible.
New Update allow html for content fields (CKEditor).

Fixed issues
Fixed When you delete the last block in an article withthe preview editor the page loads infinitely
Fixed Benign console error when going into the Project Setting of a course
Fixed Tutor extension should be installed when opening course that does not have it in Lite Mode
Fixed Cancelling course options doesn’t reset them in the preview editor.
Fixed Copied courses should have a time stamp when they were copied.
Fixed The “filter by tag” box in asset management says “please select a component” should say “…asset”
Fixed As a mobile user I would like it to be easier to switch to lite from advanced mode.
Fixed Unable to change question button labels
Fixed Cannot scroll to submit in preview editor settings menu
Fixed Copying block should copy related extension data
Fixed CKeditor configuration should match between advanced editor and preview editor.
Fixed Preview editor drawer breaks other drawer extensions
Fixed Moving components with images within their block breaks the images links.
Fixed Benign Error in the console when changing menu type.

Version 1.8 January 2018

Responsive Lite Mode This release contains a brand new Lite mode for much simpler editing of basic courses, as well as several powerful features for advanced authors. New Lite Mode
New Implement Adapt Lite – A simpler authoring tool.
New As a user I want to switch between Lite and Advanced
New As a content creator user I would like to see a mobile friendly dashboard
New As a Lite user I would like to have a simplified menu
New As an adapt admin I would like to have a mobile friendly user management page
New As a lite user I would like to go straight to the Preview Editor when creating a new course
New As a course creator I would like to go straight to the Preview Editor when opening a course that was not created with Adapt Lite
New As a Lite user I want the Tutor extension to be added to my course by default
New User management: Include success modal after completing user related actions New Advanced Editing Features
New Sort projects by recent by default
New As a user I wish to download the course from the Dashboard
New Change the default theme of the AT to our primary theme
New CKeditor fields should allow users to pick images from the library
New Remember location when returning to page view
New As a course creator I would like to see a new “reference” field on articles, blocks and components when developing a course
New As a course creator I would like to have an option to resize single line fields into a larger text area
New As a course creator, I would like the ability to open courses with just one click (as opposed to double tapping) New in the Preview Editor
New As a content editor I would like to see a simple settings menu accessible from the Preview Editor
New As a course creator I would like a user friendly way to add an assessment from the preview editor
New As a content editor I would like to add SCORM to my course in the preview editor

Fixed issues
Fixed Issue using Spoor/Assignment extensions with the preview editor
Fixed User settings are carried over between different user sessions
Fixed Advanced Hot Graphic media player comes out of its container with the Primary Theme
Fixed Video is larger than block and component on Primary Theme
Fixed Slider on Hot Graphic comes out of container on Primary Theme
Fixed Redesign of MCQ fields to allow for more space and better UX
Fixed Preview Editor: text links do not work
Fixed Remove page icon has too large clickable area
Fixed As a user I would like the items in the login screen to be full width when using a mobile
Fixed As a user I would like the items in the reset password screen to be full width when using a mobile

Version 1.7 December 2017

Better Preview editor
We updated our Adapt Learning offering a little earlier in the month than usual due to the Christmas break. We have concentrated on optimisations and bug fixes in our preview editor making it even easier to use. We have also created our own themes based on the Vanilla community theme which are optimised to work with in the preview editor.

New Adding or Deleting items return the user to the correct screen location.
New Support for more HTML in preview editor fields.
New Design updated for easier use.
New Themes updates to show document structure.
New Confirmation modal when deleting a component.

Fixed HTML links broken in preview editor.
Fixed Deleting the active item doesn’t work.
Fixed MCQ Options button layout issue on mobile.

Version 1.6 November 2017

Smart(er) Content This month we focused on how you can make your content even more powerful with our brand new extensions and components.

  • Meter Suite – A new extension and two complimentary components allow you to add as many meters as you like to your course.
  • The Advanced Hot Graphic is not just a copy of the core component with the similar name. This brand new component allows you to have more flexibility on the content you show by adding audio, transcripts and custom pins!
  • More flexibility in the body of all components. Think about all the times you just wanted to add an image, a video, an audio or embed something inside a the body of a text component…or inside the body on ANY component! Oh yes! With our brand new 1.6 release you will be able to do this and much more!

Version 1.5 October 2017

Course Navigation This month’s update provides two new plugins for authors relating to course navigation, we have tested and fixed these plugins with latest version of the Adapt Framework.

  • Quick Navigation allows you to add a customisable strip of navigation controls anywhere on the page.
  • The new list menu (exclusive to Can Studios) provides a condensed alternative to box menu.
  • We have also added a feature to the authoring tool allowing navigation locking to work in sub-menus as well as the top level menu.
  • Another new Can Studios exclusive (for now) is the ability to remove plugins from the authoring tool – very useful if you are trying out community add-ons.
  • We have update the authoring tool to use version 2.2.2 of the Framework.

Version 1.4 September 2017

Developer Tools Over the last few weeks we nave put a lot of work into optimising the backup feature that released last month. It now performs better, and it going to be easier to find the backup you are looking for. We also have installed the “Developer Tools” extension which has a number of useful functions for the busy author. For guidance on adding this extension to your course click here.

Version 1.3 August 2017

Backup System We have introduced a true life saver – automated and manual project backups. Courses are automatically backed up every hour or every day depending on your plan (see our plans), and are kept for up to 7 days. Additionally you can trigger a manual backup of any course at any time – these will remain until deleted by a user. All backups can be restored directly from the tool at any point.

Version 1.2 July 2017

Live Preview Editor extension. Installing our new extension into your course, allows you to easily edit all titles, body text and instructions within your course. You can also add new pages, articles, blocks and components. This release of the course-editing tool already allows authors to create multiple choice questions, text components and images. Click here to see how easy it is to add the Preview Editor extension. Click here to view a demonstration of the Preview Editor.

Version 1.1 June 2017

Full ‘super’ admin rights. All trial users have now have “super admin rights” meaning, you can add as many users as you require during the 30 day trial period.

Version 1.0 May 2017

Additional design themes. The initial release of our off the shelf hosted platform – containing the core Adapt Authoring Tool with a few extras:

  • 8 New themes based on the open source Vanilla theme
  • we’ve made choosing the right theme even easier with thumbnails.
  • some great community plugins pre-installed.