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Adding the quick navigation component

The quick navigation component plugin for the Adapt authoring tool allows you to add the main navigation options to any page of the online course, to help your learners move around more easily.

As it is a component, it can be placed anywhere in the content but it’s most commonly put at the end of a page to help the user move on.

The component is highly customisable, allowing you to reorder buttons, rename them, and much more.

To get started simply add the component as you would text, graphic or question.


The supported buttons are:

  • Root: Go to the start of the course.
  • Up: Goes to the parent level menu.
  • Previous: Go to the page before*
  • Next: Go to the page after*
  • Siblings: Shows a button for each page in the current menu.

* The behaviour of next and previous is controlled by the 

 Using the Classes option it is possible to customise each button defining colours or styles with standard CSS. For example adding the following to the project css, then applying to each button will give round buttons.
And finally, you can specify the class for the icon too:
.icon-home {
    content: “\e616”;