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Quick guides

Practical walk-throughs for a range of specific tasks.

These short videos and tutorials cover the most common support questions we’re asked.

If what you need isn’t here – just give us a call. There’s someone around the office from 9:00 until 17:00 Monday to Friday. Or drop us an email via and we’ll get back to you.

Creating a new project

Get started with your first project created from scratch.
Video (1:30)

Importing existing courses to the authoring tool

You can import courses previously created in the Adapt framework/ compatible third party tools, or courses exported from your own offline backup, with these steps.

Putting an Adapt course into your LMS

Adding an Adapt course to your learning management system isn’t difficult, but there are a few things that can trip you up the first time. These steps will help you get it right.

Using our exclusive Preview editor

A feature unique to our customisation of Adapt is the quick and easy Preview editor – which is available in both Lite and Advanced modes.
Learn more about authoring modes and course views.
Video (0:32)

Adding the preview editor extension

Get a demo of how to add our exclusive preview editor extension.
Video (0:32)

Linking from one page to another

It’s possible to add links in most text fields (such as body or question instructions) using these steps.

Adding images

See how to add pictures and graphics, step-by-step.
Video (1:00)

Creating multiple choice questions

Includes how to set number of attempts allowed and feedback messages.
Video (2:28)

Adding quick navigation for your learners

This component allows you to add the main navigation options to any page.

Using meters in your course

A meter is a gamification tool that allows learners to get instant responses based on decisions they make within a scenario.
Video (4:41)

List menu plugin

This lets you to create menus as lists – which may be more appropriate than block menus for some content types, as this short demo shows.
Video (0:49)

Managing plugins

Plugin management is open to all our customers. Simply login as super admin to access it from the main menu on the top left of the authoring tool.

Using developer tools in a course

The developer tools extension is installed for all users of Can Studios’ Adapt service and provides a number of really useful and time saving utilities for course authors. See how to enable it and what it can do.

Creating and restoring backups of courses

All courses are backed up daily by default. You can also manually backup a course and restore from backup at any time.

Sharing a course with other authors

To share a project with other authors in your Adapt from Can Studios tenant:

  • Go to the main dashboard
  • Select the course
  • Edit the project settings
  • In the general section settings change set ‘Share with other users’ to ‘true’.

That’s it.

Changing the look or branding of your course

There are three ways to style courses in Adapt from Can Studios – see an overview in our FAQ section.