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Authoring modes and views

When you first login to Adapt from Can Studios you’ll see a switch at the top of the dashboard to choose between the Lite or Advanced authoring modes.

Toggle switch for Lite Advanced mode switiching


Advanced mode

Gives you access to all the functions and options within Adapt from Can Studios.

Lite mode

Offers a slimmed down set of options, which for new or occasional users can be very helpful. This is exclusive to Adapt from Can Studios.

Another feature unique to our customisation of Adapt is the quick and easy Preview editor – which is available in both modes.
See our Preview editor in action – Video (2:09)

The summary tables below show which course views you can access in each mode, and what you can do in them.

Don’t forget – you can switch modes whenever the toggle switch is visible – just make sure you’ve saved your changes first.

Course views available




Full edit

  • See the course pages and page elements displayed as plain fields, without page styling. Navigate via the left hand menu.  
  • All components can be edited in full.
  • Articles, blocks and components can be reordered.

Use left hand menu button to enter PREVIEW.


  • See the course with layout and theme/styling applied; navigate and interact with material as the learner will.

Use the switch at the top right to toggle into PREVIEW EDITOR. Or close the PREVIEW tab to return to Advanced authoring view.

Preview editor

  • See the course styled and laid out, and navigate around it, as the learner will.
  • Able to add and delete page elements; add graphics; edit page text and edit multiple choice questions component in situ.
  • Access simple SCORM set-up.
  • Mobile responsive for editing on tablet or phone.

Use the switch (top right) to toggle into PREVIEW EDITOR.

Functions available




Change theme
Manage assets (eg images, video)
Course backups
Import courses
Manage users
Manage plugins
Extension management 14 std,
all 70+ open
Preview editor