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Building blocks of an Adapt course

When you start your first new Adapt project you’ll see containers called pages, articles, blocks and components. Here’s how these building blocks fit together to create your course structure.

Courses are made up of pages. You might have just one page within your course, or many – depending on the extent of content. You could think of each page as a module or chapter.

Articles are the sections within pages. Articles allow you to group content under section headings. You can have as many as you choose on a page. Articles also allow you to configure settings for a group of blocks and components – for example to create an assessment you put all the questions within a single article.

Blocks hold the content within articles and provide the basis of layout control.

Components are the individual course interactions. Each presentation, question and navigation component sits in a block. Components can be set to full or half width, and two half width components can be placed side by side within a block (these will automatically resize and stack vertically when viewed on a mobile).


A new course showing page, article, block and component containers (Lite mode).
A new course showing containers for page, article, block and component (Lite mode).

A new course showing page, article, block and component containers (Advanced mode).
A new course in Advanced mode with the article, block and component containers showing

New projects

When you begin a new course in it will contain a single page, pre-populated with page text fields and a single article containing a block + text component. You can now:

  • delete the text component and replace it with a different component type
  • add more blocks and components within this or additional articles
  • add more pages – with more articles and blocks plus components.


Adapt hates an empty container. The course preview won’t work if there is:

  • a block without a component
  • an article without blocks (that contain components)
  • a page with no articles (that contain blocks, which in turn need to have components).

So if you’re preview isn’t loading – check for empties!