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Getting started

A guide to the basics for creating your first course smoothly with Adapt.

If you’re new to building interactive elearning, or maybe just to Adapt authoring, these topics will help you get your bearings.

Lite mode and the Preview editor

Make the most of the intuitive interface options available with Lite mode and the Preview editor – exclusive to Adapt from Can Studios.

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Pages, articles, blocks and components

Understand how to use the building blocks of Adapt to structure course content and interaction.

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Interaction options for engaging learners with content

See the range of presentation, question and navigation interactions you can choose from when building your courses and get the most from HTML5 authoring to make your content truly interactive.

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Framework and authoring tool – what, why and how?

You can create a course without any idea how the authoring tool and the framework fit together, but sometimes it can be helpful to understand in a little more detail.

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As you get going, check out our quick guides to common tasks too. They’ll help you create courses with maximum speed, efficiency and creativity – which is exactly the point of Adapt from Can Studios.