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Using the developer tools

The developer tools extension – which is installed as standard for all users of Adapt from Can Studios – provides a number of functions to make life quicker and easier for course authors.


Enabling the developer tools on a course means that you can take advantage of preview/testing options such as:

  • turning off trickle – allowing you to skip through sections without having to answer questions to continue
  • autocompleting question – with pass all, fail all or half marks, great for checking feedback messages and progress tracking functions
  • viewing a course map – an overview diagram of the course from which to manage which components count towards assessment and allowing you to quickly navigate to any component in the entire course.

You add and remove the developer tools extension for each individual course as you need it.

Don’t forget to remove or disable the developer tools extension before you download you course for live use. If you leave it on learners will be able to auto select correct answers and skip whole sections!


Turn on the developer tools in an Adapt course

1. Choose Advanced mode at the top of the main dashboard and enter the appropriate course.

2. Select Manage extensions from the course menu screen.


3. Click the button to add the developer tools extension to your project.


3. Select Course configuration from the course menu screen and set Enable dev tools to true.



5. Finally, from the Preview editor view of your course, go to the cog icon (top right) to open the developer tools options.

For further details on this extension view the docs on GitHub.