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Adapt from Can Studios makes creating your own HTML5 elearning a breeze.

With our expert help, building online courses that are SCORM compliant, mobile-responsive and accessible is easy and efficient – even if you’re new to Adapt-based elearning.

Set up of your Adapt authoring tool, secure hosting and daily backups – plus ongoing training and technical support from our team – are all included in our Premium Adapt authoring package.

You just log in and get creative with an authoring tool made by elearning developers, for elearning developers.

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A mac desktop machine shows the login screen for the Adapt authoring tool.

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Why Adapt?

Frustrated that commercial elearning tools’ layouts didn’t work dynamically across devices, experts from across the elearning industry – including its biggest names – collaborated to make something better.

Together we’ve created Adapt – an elearning technology that:

  • creates highly-interactive, responsive content – a single course file works on any device
  • has the most advanced options for accessibility
  • can be extended – via code plugins – to provide custom functionality
  • can be used free-of-charge by anyone.

Can Studios has been an official collaborator of the Adapt Learning project since 2017, contributing to the development of the open-source authoring tool.

But we recognise that, for some elearning designers, the technical overhead of using an open-source authoring software is too much. That’s why we offer a fully-hosted authoring-tool subscription.

Easier for everyone

Installing and maintaining the open-source Adapt authoring tool takes significant time and technical skill. To allow more elearning creators to access the power of Adapt, we offer a cloud-based Adapt authoring package which includes:

  • full initial setup – we install, configure and test on our servers, you just log in
  • instant access – your server will boot within minutes
  • secure hosting and daily backups
  • technical support by email and phone
  • ongoing help and training from Adapt experts
  • access to source export and plugin management.

We’ve also customised the authoring tool to make course building as creative, efficient and simple as possible; with Adapt from Can Studios you’ll get our exclusive:

Preview editor – To edit the course while seeing, navigating and interacting with material as the learner will.

Lite mode – A slimmed-down set of authoring options that help new or occasional users start building courses on a robust foundation.

Improved workflow – A big boost for productivity when building extensive or complex learning.

See for yourself with a FREE 14-day trial.

For a detailed comparison of Adapt from Can Studios and the open-source tool download our features sheet.

Free 14-day trial

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You’ll get:

  • access to all functions and features
  • the ability to add users – so colleagues can try too
  • a personal screen share tutorial.

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See what you could do in Adapt from Can Studios

Thousands of people have achieved their learning aims using courses made in Adapt from Can Studios. Take a look at our example courses to get an idea of what’s possible. Or have a go for yourself with our FREE 14-day trial.

A complete guide to Adapt interactions

Adapt courses are broadly made up of presentation, question and navigation interactions.

We built this course to demonstrate the main components available in Adapt from Can Studios – with a working example for each.

A mac screen shows a demo course showing all the main Adapt interactions.

View demo

Can Studios at Park Hill

We were one of the first businesses to make its home in architectural landmark Park Hill, following its 2015 redevelopment.

See why it’s the perfect place for us to do what we love in this sample course.

An iPhone shows the Can Studios at Park Hill elearning course

View demo

Custom graphics for stellar impact

This single-page course uses custom CSS and our Can Background extension to make the most of original graphics.

If you don’t have these skills in-house, you can commission a custom template from our design team to use with your own content.

View demo

International delivery

CaLP promotes learning, knowledge sharing, policy and coordination of appropriate humanitarian response to crises, using cash transfer programmes. This is a sample from one of their courses, delivered around the world.

View demo

Bite-size technical tutorials

Spirax Sarco wanted to deliver technical content to learners in small, focused bursts using video-based microlearning. Notice how the Trickle function makes sure learners grasp the steps in turn. The whole thing is accessible from desktop or mobile so staff can learn wherever they work.

An avatar character from an elearning module

View demo

Video-based employment law training

Bhayani Law is an employment and HR specialist helping clients across the UK. This small section of one of their courses, sold online, demonstrates video-course delivery.

View demo

Flexible and future-proof

Adapt from Can Studios is designed to give you the best of both worlds: the flexibility of open-source Adapt authoring combined with the ease of a supported, cloud-based solution.

That’s why in our authoring tool package you get:

  • Ability to use third-party plugins – add new functions with community or custom-developed themes, interactions, menus and more.
  • Source export – your courses are yours to edit, even if you end your subscription.
  • Compatibility with open-source Adapt authoring tool – keeps your options open about how you edit your courseware in the longer term.
  • Our Adapt expertise on stand-by – if your team needs extra help, we already know your set up and can provide user training, editable themes or custom interactions – quickly.


Our Premium package is aimed at those who want some assistance in getting the most from Adapt, and includes help from our team. If you’re already experienced in Adapt and simply want quick access to the authoring tool, you might want to consider our Basic package instead.

Premium £66 / month
£792 annually)
£124 / month
£1,488 annually)
£292 / month
£3,504 annually)
Number of users included 1 3 10
Authoring tool set up
Your own installation on our servers.
Included Included Included
Authoring tool maintenance
Secure hosting, daily backups, updates.
Included Included Included
Technical support
Quick response if there’s a problem with your server.
Included Included Included
Get-you-started tutorial
(by screen share).
Included Included Included
Authoring help and training
Ask questions as and when you need, or book a quarterly training session (by screen share).
3h /
5h /
10h / quarter
Development of custom components, themes and extensions. Add-on services available Add-on services available Add-on services available

(All prices quoted excluding VAT.)

Something special?

Give us a call if you’re looking for:

  • enterprise package – more than 10 users or a longer term deal
  • reseller partnership – to offer your customers an elearning authoring tool alongside your own services.

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