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Adapt Authoring Tool Releases

This is the release history for Can Studios Adapt Authoring Tool hosted service.

Adapt Authoring Tool Releases


As collaborators on the Adapt Learning project we are committed to developing Adapt for you, and for the benefit of the community.
Take a look below to see all of the releases our hosted offering.

Version 1.3

(August 2017)
Backup System.

We have introduced a true life saver – automated and manual project backups. Courses are automatically backed up every hour or every day depending on your plan (see our plans), and are kept for up to 7 days.

Additionally you can trigger a manual backup of any course at any time – these will remain until deleted by a user.

All backups can be restored directly from the tool at any point.

Version 1.2

(July 2017)
Live Preview Editor extension.

Installing our new extension into your course, allows you to easily edit all titles, body text and instructions within your course. You can also add new pages, articles, blocks and components. This release of the course-editing tool already allows authors to create multiple choice questions, text components and images.

Click here to see how easy it is to add the Preview Editor extension.
Click here to view a demonstration of the Preview Editor.

Version 1.1

(June 2017)
Full ‘super’ admin rights.

All trial users have now have “super admin rights”┬ámeaning, you can add as many users as you require during the 30 day trial period.

Version 1.0

(May 2017)
Additional design themes.

The initial release of our off the shelf hosted platform – containing the core Adapt Authoring Tool with a few extras:

  • 8 New themes based on the open source Vanilla theme
  • we’ve made choosing the right theme even easier with thumbnails.
  • some great community plugins pre-installed.