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Adapt Interactions

Adapt Learning Interactions

A collection of interactions for the Adapt framework. These interactions each perform various functions. Choose from over 20 components, extensions and themes to personalise your course.



Displays a vertically stacked list of clickable titles – each title has a collapsible panel containing text and/or an image.
Core Component.

Assessment Results
Used to display a single assessment’s results.
Core Component.

Background Scroll
Background changes as the user scrolls. A timer prevents completion when instantly scrolling to bottom.
Core Component.

Horizontally stacked images widen when hovered over. Optional captions are displayed.
Core Component.

Drag ‘n’ Drop
A fully working drag and drop question component. Nice animations when toggling between user/model answer.
Core Component.

Content is hidden behind covers. Click the cover and expose the content below. Range of animations.
Core Component.

Displays lists of items one at a time. When the learner clicks it flips to the next item.
Core Component.

Dynamically displays small and large images of different resolutions based upon device width.
Core Component.

Graphical Multiple Choice Question
A multiple choice question component, with images.
Core Component.

Hot Graphic
Enables a user to click on hot spots over an image and display a detailed popup that includes an image with text.
Core Component.

Matching Question
Allows the learner to match the options to question stems.
Core Component.

Playback of video and audio with a Flash Player fallback for IE8+.
Core Component.

Multiple Choice Question
Answers presented by a radio button or checkbox, depending on a single answer or multiple answer.
Core Component.

Displays an image gallery with accompanying text.
Core Component.

Allows the learner to position a slider on scale.
Core Component.

Stack List
Items fly in one at a time, alternating from left to right, when the learner clicks a button.
Core Component.

Text may include HTML.
Core Component.

Text Input
Allows the learner to input text based upon a question stem.
Core Component.



Preview Editor
WYSIWYG editor to edit all titles, body text and instructions in preview/live mode.
Developed by Can Studios.

Attaches to an article object to group various question components, providing a score with feedback.

Maintains a record of the learner’s current location within the course, allowing easy access on relaunch.

Language Picker
Provides content in more than one language and allows the learner to switch languages while the course is in progress.

Page Level Progress
Show a user’s progress through a page. Calculated as the percentage of child components that have been completed.

Allows learners to view resources through an icon in the navigation bar.

Allows course authors option to hide/lock portions of pages.

Provides a basic feedback overlay for question components.

Basic SCORM tracking.



Developed by Can Studios

Clean Modern
Developed by Can Studios

Das Boot
Developed by Can Studios  

Dreams Forever
Developed by Can Studios

Neutral Blues
Developed by Can Studios  

October Night
Developed by Can Studios  

Orange Teal
Developed by Can Studios  

Red and Smooth
Developed by Can Studios  

Shades of Blue
Developed by Can Studios

Developed by Can Studios

A core bundled theme