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Adapt from Can Studios - everything you need create beautiful, engaging, future-proof elearning content.

When our in-house course design team wanted to move on from using Articulate Storyline – so we could create truly mobile responsive online courses in HTML5 – we chose Adapt.


It’s now our first choice for creating high-quality, bespoke learning for our own clients because as well as being powerful and flexible:

  • it’s fully responsive – create, view and learn across mobile, desktop or even large format projection
  • courses are SCORM compliant – run them and track learner progress on a wide range of systems
  • it’s backed by industry leaders and an open source community – the Adapt Learning Project puts a wealth of talent behind evolving and testing the tool, which helps future-proof our work.

Read on for a full feature list for Adapt from Can Studios.

Right for you?

What’s best for your elearning content depends on things such as:

  • the level of technical expertise or support available
  • how and where your learners will access content
  • the type and extent of content
  • your requirements for assessment and data capture.

Compare Adapt from Can Studios to the open source tool – below – to help you decide.

How do we compare?

We believe working in Adapt from Can Studios gives the best of both worlds: enjoy benefits of our commitment to the open source project combined with:

  • our own user-friendly interface and extra functions
  • expert support
  • fully serviced secure hosting.

We can’t speak for what other providers’ of Adapt-based services offer – but this comparison will give you a handy checklist of things to ask them.

 Can Studios service

Open source tool

Authoring tool itself

Web-based application accessed in browser – no need to install software 
Advanced mode – full-features and functionality for more experienced authors including ability to access to the course structure and menus
Lite mode – a slimmed down set of editing options, helpful for new or occasional users (eg subject experts making final amends)
Preview editor – see courses styled and laid out (and navigate around) as a learner will – while being able to add and delete page elements; edit page text and components in situ*
Quick switch to course preview –  even in Advanced mode
Responsive mobile authoring – access core functions to build and edit courses on tablet and mobile*
Automatic daily project backupsrestore single project  without losing the work done on others (seven days archive)
Manual backup on demand – take a snapshot of your project at any time with a single click
Aligned to open source Adapt Learning project – your tool won’t diverge from the community version (ensuring easy support and portability)N/A

Wrap-around service

Instant access free trial – your server will boot within minutesN/A
Screen share tutorial available – when trial starts and throughout subscription
Flexible plans – pay monthly and transfer licenses between staff if you need to N/A
Customer support from expert Adapt Learning project collaborators – we work closely with the Adapt Learning project, have access to the code database and influence the overall project direction
Full initial setup – we install, configure and test the Adapt framework and authoring tool on our servers, you just login
Secure hosting and daily server backups – provided via your own dedicated server dedicated instance 
Release of new features, plugins and bug fixes Monthly2 or 3 times per year

Courses made in Adapt

Run in any web-browser
Built in HTML5  
Wide range of HTML, making more sophisticated content possible
Display responsively on any device – from smartphone to big-screen projection
SCORM compliant – can be deployed and tracked on wide range of learner management systems
Direct and supported access to exclusive Can Studios presentation / question / graphic components and themes


*Build and edit text, graphic and multiple choice interactions; edit title and body text in other interactions; manage media assets.

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