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Getting the authoring tool that’s right for your elearning starts with being clear on what you need to achieve.

Have I got the right experience to use Adapt?

With our exclusive Lite mode and Preview Editor, Adapt from Can Studios is flexible enough to be used by just about anyone. If you can use online content tools such as MailChimp, dotmailer, SurveyMonkey or web content management systems such as WordPress or Drupal you’ll be able to create beautiful, interactive course content in Adapt.

But if you’re comfortable with coding, then Adapt from Can Studios still gives you the flexibility to really make it your own by exploiting the wealth of knowledge and plugins available from the Adapt Learning community. Plus you won’t have to worry about hosting, system administration or backups.


How do I install the Adapt authoring tool?

You don’t need to. Adapt is a browser based tool – we install, configure and test the Adapt framework and authoring tool on our servers. You just login and start creating your courses.


During a free trial will I get access to all the features and functions of Adapt from Can Studios?

During your trial you’ll be able to use all the presentation and question interactions, assessment options and extensions that our paying customers get. That includes features that are exclusive to Can Studios. For more detail see:


What’s the difference between the Adapt authoring tool and framework?

Adapt framework code contains all the functionality to render a responsive e-learning course. It’s not dependent on the authoring tool. But the framework has no graphic user interface so you have to write the course using JSON text files, and build it via the command line. This would be very difficult for anyone who isn’t already a competent coder. The Adapt authoring tool lets non-technical users build courses in the sort of graphical interface most people are familiar with.

Lite mode and the Preview editor view – only available with our Adapt authoring package – is especially user friendly: simply edit parts of your course as they appear on page!

Adapt from Can Studios lets you create courses without understanding the nuts and bolts of how the authoring tool and the framework fit together – but if you really want to know start here.


How does a learner access a course built in Adapt?

Once a course has been built in Adapt it needs to be exported and hosted on a learning management system or other platform/website. From here learners will be able to access it using a web browser on a desktop or mobile device.

To export a course, you zip it up into a package with its SCORM code – that ensures that it can be run on any compliant learning management system and any assessment tracking and so on will work correctly.

If you need a learning management system, or ecommerce solution for your training we can help, get in touch.


Can I import existing courses into Adapt from Can Studios?

Yes, so long as it was built using the Adapt Learning Framework or a compatible third party authoring tool. Give us a call and we can help you work out whether your content is compatible.


Is it possible to use corporate branding on my courses or apply my own design styles?

There are three ways to style courses in Adapt from Can Studios. In rough order of complexity, these are:

  • Change the colour palette – our version of Adapt offers a wide range of pre-set colour schemes.
  • Enter your own CSS or LESS into the appropriate fields of the authoring tool.
  • Create a new theme, upload it into the authoring tool and pick it with the theme picker. This is even more powerful than the custom CSS/LESS field in the authoring tool as you can replace javascript and templates used to generate the course.

Some customers commission a custom theme from us (additional charges apply) which they can use across all of their courses. Just get in touch to find out more.

What backups are in place?

All our Adapt authoring plans come with an automatic backup tool, unique to Can Studios. Every day the system will backup each project and keep these backups for seven days. You can also choose to take a manual backup at any time, which will be kept until you delete it.

We also take regular backups of your entire server – just in case!


Where are the Can Studios’ Adapt servers?

We run our systems on Amazon Web Services from their Dublin data centres.


Can I access plugin management?

Plugin management is available. However, if you need support on issues arising from use of third party plugins we may have to make an additional charge.


How do I convert my free trial to a paid account?

Simply call us on 0114 250 2450 or email to upgrade your account to a paid plan.

Each trial runs on its own server. Once we have activated your paid plan you can continue to use the same server you were using for the trial, without any interruption.

If no paid plan is activated by the end of the trial period, the individual server will be turned off. After a further 30 days the trial account content will be deleted unless you contact us to activate a paid account.