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Adapt Learning FAQ


How much does it cost?

See for latest Adapt Authoring Tool plans and pricing information.


What backups are in place?

All of Adapt authoring plans come with an automatic backup tool unique to Can Studios. Every day the system will backup each project and keep these backups for seven days. You can also choose to make a manual backup at any time, which will kept until deleted.

In addition to the we also take regular backups of your entire server – just in case.


Where are Can Studios’ Adapt learning servers hosted?

We run our systems on Amazon Web Services from their Dublin data centres.


Can I access plugin management?

Plugin Management is accessed from the Main Menu on the top left of the authoring tool once logged in as a super admin.
Plugin management only available to users of our Premium or Custom Plans.


What is the process of converting to a paid for account?

Each Adapt authoring tool trial is running on its own server, this server will be turned off after 30 days, and deleted after a further 30 days unless you contact us to activate a paid account.

Simply contact us on 01142502450 or via to upgrade you account to a paid plan.

Once we have confirmed you wish to activate a paid plan you can continue to use the same server you were using for the trial and it will not be switched of.


How do I restore a course backup?

Simply select backup Management from the main Adapt authoring tool menu.

Then click on the back up you wish to restore, the click “Create from Backup”


How do I make my course look different?

There a a number of ways to style your course.

In rough order of complexity:

  1. Pick a different theme from the theme picker.
    Can Studios Adapt Authoring Tool service has several themes offering diverse colour palettes.
  2. Enter your own CSS or LESS into the Custom CSS/LESS field on the Project Settings screen of the authoring tool.
    All CSS in the course can be overwritten from this window. Useful for small tweaks to courses, or to preview changes during theme development.
  3. Create a new theme, upload it into the authoring tool and pick it with the theme picker.
    It is possible to create new themes for use with adapt. This is even more powerful than the Custom CSS/LESS field in the authoring tool as you can replace javascript and templates used to generate the course.

The community guidelines for theme development are here:


How do back up my course?

All courses are backed up daily by default, but you can manually backup a course at any time. To backup a course simply click the cog menu on a project from the dashboard, then select “Create backup”. You will be prompted to enter a description of your backup to help you recall why you backed-up. The course will be backed up immediately and will be available from the “Manage Backups” page.


Why won’t my course preview?

Sometimes when you tweak the CSS in the project settings you might make a mistake which leave the CSS invalid. When the server tries to build a course with this invalid CSS it upsets the server. Once the errors are fixed it can still take several minutes for the build to complete what it is doing and allow things to work again.

If you are sure you have fixed the CSS and the preview is still broken after 10 minutes please get in touch and we will see if there is a more significant problem.


How do I share a course with other authors?

To share a project with other authors in your Adapt Authoring Tool tenant:
Select the course
Edit the project settings
In the general section of the settings change “Share with other users” to “true”.