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What is Adapt?

The Adapt Authoring Tool is a browser-based, elearning authoring tool. Courses created are HTML5 and mobile-ready, so you can produce beautiful, responsive elearning that will keep your learners engaged whether they’re on a desktop or learning on-the-move.

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Adapt Learning is an open source project:
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Why Adapt?

Creative Freedom

Adapt projects are based on web-standard HTML5 so design possibilities are endless. Open source framework gives you the freedom to take your projects to other vendors, or host them yourself if you prefer.



Constantly Evolving

Adapt is a community-led project with a whole host of developers, specialists and experts constantly working to improve it. We update our versions on a monthly basis so you’ll always have the latest features



Mobile Ready

Develop your learning content for Mobile as standard. Powered by an award-winning framework, Adapt lets you build once and deploy to many devices.


This authoring tool will give us the opportunity to work closely with stakeholders from around the world so they can produce their own mobile ready e-learning for the humanitarian sector.

Kat Sandford

Humanitarian Leadership Academy

Why Can Studios?

Extra Features*

Whenever we build new extensions or features for Adapt, we try to release to them to the public. However, before this, our customers will be able to use them on their Adapt instances. In some cases, these features may even remain exclusive to our customers.


Active Community Contributors

Amongst everyone who is a part of the Adapt community, there is a core of people who are constantly contributing to the project. We are one of these companies, so you know we’re at the cutting edge of Adapt developments.


Fully Supported

When you buy into us, we buy into you. All plans come with an exceptional support package to make sure you get value from your investment.


Recently we began authoring content using Adapt with Can’s support and found it simple to pick up, generating our first draft units of work within a few hours of project kick-off.

Richard L Westwood

Publishing Services Manager – Cambridge University Press

What do I get?

As well as the incredible flexibility of this powerful authoring tool, our offering includes:

Solid Platform

  • Dedicated instance
  • Secure hosted environment
  • Framework updates
  • Authoring tool updates
  • Daily Backup

Monthly Updates

  • New course themes
  • New interactions
  • New authoring features

A Unique Level of Support

  • Free introductory training
  • Free quarterly consultation
  • Free telephone, email or live chat support


As well as getting you set up and on your way with Adapt, we provide a number of services to enhance your experience. Please get in touch if you have need of any of the following services:

Course Development and Migration

The quickest way to get started in Adapt is for us to migrate your existing content or build some new materials in the platform for you as a template; our dedicated course development experts will help you at all stages of the process.

Theme Design

It may be vital to maintain branding across your corporate communications, or you might want to make you course look like a Penguin classic. The Adapt framework is completely customisable and we can help you get the look you need by building your themes.

New Interactions

Want to simulate a business process or add some gamification to your elearning? We can build custom interactions compatible with the Adapt framework.

System Customisation

Every client receives a dedicated instance of the authoring tool. If you would like us to integrate with 3rd party systems, change workflows, customise the authoring experience or resulting courses, we would work with you to solve your business problem.


Our customers are currently able to create and edit their project pages instantly. This is a unique feature only from Can Studios.


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