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The power to create fully mobile responsive, engaging elearning in HTML5 - made simple

Adapt is an open-source authoring tool that creates fully mobile responsive, engaging elearning in HTML5 – and we’re passionate about making that power accessible to even more course creators.

Easier for everyone

When our in-house course designers wanted to move on from Articulate Storyline – so that we could create truly mobile responsive elearning in HTML5 – we chose the future-proof features of Adapt.

To help us create elearning for our customers with maximum efficiency and creativity, our software developers customised the Adapt authoring tool with:

  • Preview editor – See, navigate and interact with material as the learner will while you edit the course.
  • Lite mode – A slimmed down set of authoring options to help new or occasional users quickly get to grips with creating course content.
  • Improved workflow – A big boost for productivity when building extensive or complex learning.

We’ve been so impressed with what we’ve been able to achieve with Adapt – see these examples – that we think everyone should have the chance to use it.


So we’ve made our customisation available to everyone as part of an easy-to-use authoring package, which includes:

  • full set up and installation – just log on
  • secure hosting – with your own server instance
  • daily backups
  • ongoing support and training.

If you can manage web content or use tools like SurveyMonkey or MailChimp, you’ll be able to use Adapt from Can Studios no problem!

Why pay to use Adapt at all?

With Adapt authoring you have the choice to:

  • use the free open source version
  • pay to use Adapt from Can Studios – with additional features, hosting, support
  • pay for another provider’s Adapt authoring tool services.

What’s best for you depends on your level of technical expertise as well as the type and scale of content you’re creating.

Recently we began authoring content using Adapt with Can’s support and found it simple to pick up, generating our first draft units of work within a few hours of project kick-off.

Richard L Westwood

Publishing Services Manager – Cambridge University Press


Why buy Adapt from Can Studios?

Several companies offer services based on the open source Adapt authoring tool. So – apart from our easy-to-use interface, hosting and support – why choose Adapt from Can Studios?

  • We’re committed to remaining compatible with the open source Adapt Learning project.
    That means our customers can take courses to other platforms and providers if they choose to in the future – we never lock people into working with us.
  • Can Studios is also one of only a handful of approved Adapt Learning project collaborators.
    We work closely with the core project team, having direct access to the code base and influence on the overall project.
  • We’re continually creating new components and features for better course creation.
    These are available first (and sometimes exclusively) to those who use Adapt from us. See the interactions available with Adapt from Can Studios.

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